Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's truly ironic having to deprive yourself of sleep to write an essay on the consquences of sleep deprivation

So, it's late... quite late...
Listening to Angus & Julia Stone and the mood is becoming pensive..
Having kind of a hard time just not giving up on school all together right now but, I know i'll be really unhappy if I give up the battle this early in the "war"
I've gotta try right!
Man school has been so tough I keep daydreaming about dying my hair blonde, buying a DSLR camera and running away to Tofino or something pretending to be someone totally different.
Pft yeah right... But a girl can dream right?
Kind of looking for some positive affirmations that I'm on the right path maybe a few words of strength to just pop up to keep pushing me onward. School just so isn't for me not at all
kind of wondering what is...