Thursday, November 26, 2009

One of those days you want to pretend youre deathly ill..

Today , I had my first swim meet! I was SO nervous! There were so many people there , and most of them we pretty competitive, being that I only entered for the fun of it ... I was feeling a little out of place.. I only just started swimming again this year and most of these people have been swimming a REALLY long time. Although they seperate the groups in level of expirience I was still feeling pretty jittery. My first race was set to begin and as I stood on the platform I was awaiting the annoucer ( usually they say on your marks which is where you prepare to dive and the buzzer goes and you dive in). The annoucer decided to refrain from getting us prepared and the buzzer went. I have rather slow reflexes so I was still waiting for him to talk.. it added a good couple seconds and a fail attempt at a dive which slowed me down a lot. I ended up coming last but it was only encouragment too keep practicing so I can do better next time!