Thursday, February 4, 2010

Everything looks perfect from far away

Today, I was driving down Garden City enjoying the company of myself .... wait! WHAT all alone driving?? Why yes, yes I did pass my N test! woo!Anywhoo I was driving down Garden City and I felt so blessed to be able to enjoy such a beautiful sunny day, in my own car, listening to wonderful music totally at peace with myself. I'm so happy right now I've been so lucky to get all the things I want in my life. Although times have been pretty tough we've lifted up our broken,sad faces and said "Bring it!". Changes happen everyday in life some are easy and some are so gut wrenchingly painful we think we will never live again but, that's not true. When life gives you lemons you can make a sour face or make some delicious lemonade! yum! I choose the lemonade