Friday, January 15, 2010

becoming barbie..

Models in the late 60's and 70's we're 8% below the average weight. Now they are 28%
In concentration camps prisoners were given minimum 900 calories per day which is the minimum to stay alive. In calorie cutting diets it is expected to eat 900-1200 per day.

Today, I watched a documentary called "Becoming Barbie". It was so eye opening to see how easy it is for people to become obsessed with their weight and image. Its so scary to see the affects of what advertisments, tv shows and even barbies have on us. A lot of it is sub-conscious too. There was one girl who talked about how she became anorexic because exercising and eating healthy became a way of life for her, its all she did, it consumed all her time. She did almost nothing else which diminished many of her relationships. They did studies of girls who live on VANCOUVER ISLAND of boarding schools and private schools there 50% had an eating disorder! .... I actually know people who go to school there! Then later a friend confessed of her anorexia which she had a hard time getting over..... :(