Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dont let your dreams be dreams!

ONE life is all any of us has. One life to live the way we want, to do everything we want, to be who we want.

I am SOO excited to graduate, I used to be so so so nervous for what would happen after I was finished. At the same time I knew I was so over high school. This nervous state did not last long because I started imagining all the things I could do once I was finally out. I started talking to a dear friend of mine and we both expressed our desires to travel because we just want out. The both of us are working our butts off ( not really that difficult for the both of us ) to make enough money to leave as soon as possible. And once I get back I have decided I want to enroll myself into beauty school at Blanche Mcdonald ( a prestigious school in Vancouver). I am so excited for my life to actually start there are so many things I want to do and it can't come soon enough!
Honourable Mentions:
Kandee Johnson is probably one of the most inspiring people I have ever come across all I can say is thank god for youtube and the internet!
Tara I am So happy to have ever met you, were like two peas in a pod and europe is going to be truly glorious